CPM Machines

CPM or Continuous Passive Motion, is a postoperative device designed to aid in recovery after Knee joint surgery. A CPM machine may be used by the patient during their hospital stay and is used up to 3 weeks following surgery. The purpose of the machine is to increase range of motion, decrease pain, stiffness, edema and adhesion formation. Most insurance carriers cover the CPM for the knee up to 21 days following surgery.

The machine is portable and ideal for both home and hospital use. The easy-to-use controls located on the handheld pendant allow the user to start or stop the unit, as well as adjust for flexion, extension, speed, and pause settings. In addition, a lockout feature can be incorporated to prevent unintentional or unauthorized setting changes. The Flex-Mate K500 accommodates a wide range of patient sizes due to its ability to be easily converted for both adult and pediatric applications with no additional accessories required


This Anatomical Shoulder CPM is the ideal choice for hospital and home shoulder rehabilitation. The Centura features a natural, anatomical motion that increases patient compliance and decreases joint stress. The post-operative passive range of motion helps prevent joint stiffness, edema, soft tissue contractures, and muscle atrophy. The scapula plane movement increases patient comfort in abduction. The Centura Anatomical Shoulder CPM also features horizontal abduction and adduction, a unique passive mode to address the critical functional motion of the shoulder. Controlled synchronized motion ensures patient safety, and the Centura can be programmed to reverse itself when excess force is exerted on the joint.